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Where can I purchase Saphirio?

Not yet, but we are negotiating with several jewellery makers and distributors. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

Where can I find jewellery compatible with the Saphirio Heart?

We are preparing our own collection of jewellery. You can see the first renders of them on our home page! When they are ready, they will be available in our e-shop.

How does it work? Can I see it live?

Of course! We are attending several major exhibitions in the EU, like: Wear It Berlin, IDTechEx Berlin, JGF-Europe, Jubinale Krakow and others. We will be delighted to give you an opportunity to try Saphirio yourself!

If you are seriously considering a partnership, please contact us. It would be our pleasure to do a live demonstration for you.

Do I have to buy multiple Saphirio Hearts?

No, all you need is one Heart. You can use it with any Face. Choose the right Face suiting your mood and dress, insert the Heart, and enjoy!

How often do you have to charge Saphirio?

Saphirio is designed for seven days of continuous usage. Based on your personalized settings it can last even longer

How are Saphirio products manufactured?

We pride ourselves in high quality and closely monitored manufacturing process of our products. Currently, everything we offer is manufactured in the EU.

Can I have a circular or sphere shaped Saphirio Heart?

Our engineers actively experiment with several new Heart shapes, including circular and sphere. Naturally, the modularity of exchanging Hearts between pieces of jewellery is limited to specific shapes.

How much does the Saphirio application cost? Where can I download it?

The application is free of charge for every Saphirio customer. You can download the application through Google Play Store on Android and in the Apple Store for your iPhone.

Which mobile phones does Saphirio support?

IOS: iPhone 4s, 5, 5s, 5c, 6, 6+ and above.
Android: Any Android device running Android version 4.3 or later.

Does the Saphirio Heart have any unwanted effect on my health?

Saphirio uses the same ultra-low power wireless technology as the heart rate monitors, so it’s as safe as it gets. The vibrations used for notifying are as harmful as somebody tapping on your shoulders from behind.

As partners, are we responsible for maintaining and support of the mobile application?

No. We at Saphirio take full responsibility for the bundled applications. Feel free to contact us, if you want specific branding or features added.

Who is responsible for the service and support of the Saphirio Hearts bundled with custom jewellery pieces?

Please, forward all customer requests and complaints concerning the Heart or application to us.

Do you provide shipping and packaging?


Can I update my Saphirio Heart? Do I have to buy a new Saphirio Heart when additional features are introduced?

As long as your Saphirio Heart hardware version is able to handle the new features, we continue to support older Hearts. The mobile application automatically checks for Heart updates. Just connect to your Saphirio Heart and you will be prompted to update.

I have another question. Whom should I ask?

Please, send us an email to